Although Acadia University holds its convocation ceremonies in May, for those students who complete their degree requirements between May and September and do not wish to wait until the following May to receive their degrees, Senate will approve the awarding of those degrees annually at its October meeting.

Students who choose to graduate in October but wish to participate in a convocation ceremony will be invited to attend the following Spring Convocation where they will have the opportunity for public recognition of their accomplishment.

Students graduating in the fall graduation do not have to re-apply to attend Spring Convocation.

If a student wishes to graduate in May but has completed degree requirements between May and the following April, the Registrar can provide a letter to the student noting that they have completed their requirements and that their name will be recommended to Senate for the next convocation.

Graduate students who choose to receive their degree in October would be considered along with the May graduates for the Governor General's Gold Medal.

As of October 2009, there is not a convocation in the fall. If you will be graduating in the fall, we will mail your diploma. Please ensure your mailing address is accurate.