Apply to Graduate

Why do I have to apply? You know your own academic career goals best, and we rely on you to let us know when you are planning to complete them, by applying to graduate. When you apply to graduate before the posted deadline, we can be notified that you would like us to assess your completed and current courses for your program and confirm whether you are eligible to graduate. This is done several times in your graduating year, in consultation between the Registrar's Office and your academic department.

The deadline to apply to graduate is January 6, 2020.

To apply to graduate, log in to Acadia Central and choose 'Apply to Graduate' under My Links. Your application will be processed within the next few business days. Once processed, you will be able to see that the application has been received on your Unofficial Transcript.

If you are unable to apply through Acadia Central, or if you have missed the deadline to apply, you must apply using the paper application form. This can be done in person or by printing the appropriate 'Application to Graduate' form found under 'Forms' on the Registrar's website. Return the paper form to the Registrar's Office on the ground floor of University Hall for processing.

Your record will be checked after your final grades are available in May 2020. Students who remain on the graduation list will be able to see the list on the web at the Registrar's Website after Senate approves the list on May 6, 2020. Choose Student Information in the left menu.

The list will also be posted on the bulletin board outside the Registrar's Office in University Hall.

If you are applying after the deadline you must apply using the paper application form. This can be done in person or by printing the Application to Graduate and returning it to our office for processing. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged.

If you are not planning to attend Convocation…

If you have applied to graduate, it is assumed you will attend Convocation. Please contact the Registrar’s Office by e-mail ( to provide notice that you will not attend convocation, and to provide a complete mailing address to which we can send your diploma. Diplomas in absentia are held until the end of May. Diplomas are sorted alphabetically and mailed with a convocation booklet.


Order Academic Attire

  • Visit and locate the link at the bottom of the page under Store Announcements or go directly to
  • -Enter your order and decide if you are attending the Baccalaureate Service (you will have to select it as a ceremony)
  • -Rental price is $50+ tax and deadline for ordering is 04/28/20 at 6pm
  • -Pick up and return of rented items is in the Hall of Fame Room in the Athletics Complex the day of your ceremony
  • -Cap and tassel are souvenirs for you to keep

Campus Bookstore (585-1201) hours: 9am to 5pm M-F (11-3 on Saturdays); extended hours for convocation (Saturday 11am - 4pm, Sunday 830am-5pm and Monday 8am to 6pm)



Order Tickets

All tickets MUST be requested via the website INCLUDING the initial two

PLEASE NOTE graduating students DO NOT require a ticket to attend

Tickets will be provided in three releases:

Release #1 – First two tickets

Release #2 – Additional two tickets

  • ADDITIONAL tickets for grads of any ceremony MUST be requested via the website
    • A maximum of 2 tickets will be available starting at 9:00 AM on Monday March 23rd
    • Graduates have until 11:00 PM on Sunday April 5th to make their request
    • Any tickets not reserved will be made available in future ticket releases

Release #3 – Wait list requests

  • In this release graduates who require more than the 4 tickets they requested during release #1 & #2 can request a maximum of 5 more tickets
    • Request system will be available starting at 9:00 AM on Monday April 6th
    • Graduates have until 11:00 PM on Sunday April 19th to make their request

If you require more than 9 tickets in total for guests you can make a special request after April 19th via the Convocation email address: These requests will not be filled until all ticket releases have been finalized

Seating is limited in Convocation Hall; additional seating is available at the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre Auditorium to watch the ceremonies (no tickets required for this space), and Acadia provides a live-stream video webcast of each Convocation ceremony.


Settle Financial Accounts

You need to have successfully completed the requirements for your program, have your Student Account paid in full, and therefore be approved by the Academic Senate to graduate. You will not be permitted to walk across the stage if these criteria are not met. However, you can participate in other activities of convocation weekend.

If you do not meet the requirements for spring convocation, you may apply for fall graduation. There is no academic penalty or fee for requesting your application to be transferred to fall, but you have to inform the registrar's office of your intent.


Program requirements

Check your department's website to ensure you've met all the requirements for your program.