High-speed Internet works best

A dial-up connection will not be suitable for video playback. Common high-speed connections should provide at least 850 Kbps (kilobytes per second) for download speeds. Lower-speed connections may experience problems.

How do I view video?

  • Live stream video is available in Adobe Flash (Version 9)
  • Archived video viewing will be available in two formats Adobe Flash and QuickTime.

Links open in new window:

For Live and Archived Viewing:

Adobe Flash (Mac, PC & Linux)

Or Archived-Only Viewing Option:

QuickTime (Mac & PC)

Your computer must be able to play one of this format and have a high-speed Internet connection.

My video isn’t working

We are using Adobe Flash Version 9 software for our live video. If you are having trouble viewing video, refresh your browser window (by clicking control - R at the same time, or command - R for Mac users).
If this doesn’t work, close and re-open your browser. If you still cannot view the video, ensure you have the latest version of the free Flash player installed.

Video periodically skips or stalls
Sometimes a viewing computer may not have a consistent connection speed. This may cause skips and stalls.

Live streaming cannot provide the same experience as watching a DVD. When audio and video are streamed live over the Internet, the signal is compressed which decreases the quality. This live stream allows you to view the event as it happens. Archived versions may be of a higher quality. Check back after May 24 for the archived versions of Convocation.