Class Notice - Events at Joe's, The Axe, a picnic, and more! - April 20

Monday: Spaghetti night at Joes

Come enjoy some spaghetti with your fellow grads. The grad recap slide show will be shown!

Available tables: table of 10 x 2,

table of 8, table of 6 x 3, table of 5 x 2, table of 4 x 9, table of 3 x 2, table of 2 x 5. REGISTRATION: April 21st at 2pm (tomorrow).


Tuesday: TBD!!


Wednesday: Sex Toy Bingo at the Axe!

Come win some fun prizes with your friends. Tickets will be $5 per person and there is over $500 worth of prizes to be won!

Available tables: tables of 10 x 4, tables of 9 x 2, tables of 8 x 2, tables of 6 x 1, tables of 4 x 6, table of 3, table of 2.

REGISTRATION: April 22nd at 2pm


Thursday: Picnic en Rouge!

Join us for a final celebration on the Raymond field. Featuring live music by @danieljamesmcfadden and speeches by @doanya and @d’Azure. Groups must consist of 5 OR 10 grads only. Cost is $2 at the door (must have exact change) REGISTRATION: April 22nd at 6pm.

Picnic Rules:

  1. This event will be operating restaurant style- This means masks must be worn unless you are seated in your designated picnic area. If you are going to the washroom masks must be on.
  2. Students are not permitted to move between designated picnics areas.
  3. Food and Drink is permitted so long as they are prepackaged individually wrapped. Examples- bags of chips, cans of juice. Personal beverage containers like water bottles, reusable mugs, coffee cups, etc. are not permitted.
  4. Entrance to the event is $2. Exact change is required.
  5. Suggested items to enjoy the evening- blankets and warm clothes.
  6. We are encouraging all students to dress in red.
  7. Please bring your student ID as it is REQUIRED to gain access to the event.
  8. Your primary group contact must provide the name and student number of all students who will be in your party at the time of registration. This will be verified upon entry.
  9. Party members are asked to arrive together.
  10. Doors open at 6:45pm from the south entrance of Raymond Field


Yearbook Information!!

Looking to submit your grad photos to the yearbook?

Grad photos can be sent to! Please include your name/degree/hometown. All files must be high resolution. If your photo was taken from Light and Lens (the company signed with the ASU), it will automatically be included in the yearbook.

Grad Slideshow!

If you and your friends want to be featured in the grad slideshow. Can you please send photos to by Sunday, April 25th, 2021. The slidehsow will be presented during the Monday night grad event at Joe's Food Emporium.

Thank you all,


Olivia Shive

Grad Class President 2021

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